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I was thinking these days about everything that happened in my life, and I felt immensely grateful for all the situations I have experienced, whether they are good or not so good. And why is Gratitude part of this? Because through all my experiences I was able to move on, to be fulfilling dreams, to feel free.

I did not always feel this way, especially before I was aware of my responsibility in my successes and failures. But from the moment I stopped putting myself in the position of victim and got into the position of observer, everything began to change, to make sense.

Maybe you did not know, but I worked for 9 years of my life with Project Engineering. And, despite giving myself fully to the projects I was doing, I did not feel recognized for my efforts. So, I created a world in which in my head, only the "flatterer" were promoted.

However, I am challenging person. And the more I became enraged at the fact that I felt wronged, the harder I worked and gave in to my projects, only to prove to all that I was capable of doing everything I wanted.

The problem is that it never occurred to me what I really expected: the recognition, the promotion. And along with the feeling of injustice, thoughts came to me about my ability, about the real purpose of continuing to give so much, without receiving anything in return.

Then I decided to do some more training so that my resume would be better and I could get another job. And I decided that I would take a postgraduate degree in Business Administration to achieve a leadership position that I had been practicing for a long time.

Coincidentally, in the postgraduate program had a discipline called Creation and Feasibility of Projects. And in my great arrogance to think that I already knew everything the teacher would say, I barely attended classes, and the result was having to take a substitute test to reach the passing grade.

And at one point in the teacher's explanation of my grade in the exam, he said:
"Everything in this life is a project. Even your life is a project. If you are not managing your life, you can be sure that someone else is doing it for you, or your business, or your family, or your partner... "

Pow! Pow! Pow! It was the sound I heard mentally from several slaps in my face ... I began to reflect: Who is managing my life? Am I myself? Why do I feel so unhappy? Is it really the fault of the company? Team's? The "flatterer"? Of my family? From the government?

To my great surprise, I realized that I was not really managing my own life. And who was to blame for hiring another person (or institution) in that management position? Mine.
I was the one who let this happen to me. And it was only up to me to solve the problem of my own project.

From this, and with immense gratitude for having realized in time to change, I have sought resources to manage my own life. And what was that appeal? Self-knowledge through a coaching process. In this process, although I did not have the clear perception of where I would like to go, it was fundamental to rediscover skills, desires, values ​​... It was fundamental for me to assume my role to be played in this world, to assume and live my truth , take responsibility for my successes or failures.

It was not easy, it's not been easy because once you remove someone from the position of "manager of your life" you can suffer retaliation. They can try to discourage you, try to slow you down, try to convince you otherwise, get you to go back.

But ... whose life is it? Whose choice? Whose freedom is it? Whose responsibility? Uniquely yours. And does not matters how old you are, how many years of experience you have, whether you have titles or not, it's always time to change, to take a place that is yours by right!

And with you? Who is managing your life? It is your project much more precious, is not it? I hope this management position is very well defined for you and everyone around you!

Mairo Vergara



It is very interesting to hear what people think about sex. Even more interesting is the confusion about sex and sexuality. It is such a paradox to know that the way we have come into the world has been so trivialized, so stigmatized and so confused that we are not free to speak about it.

Anyway... Although the Taboo has been established in our software since our infancy, we are moving towards evolution, to the awareness that yes, it is necessary to talk about sex and sexuality, it is necessary to understand our bases for us to reach the fullness of our being!

No wonder sex is one of the things that make up the Pyramid of Maslow. For those who do not know, Maslow was an American psychologist who managed to condense all human needs into a pyramid, and today this theory is one of the references that are applied internationally, and one of the most studied in the area of ​​Business Administration and Psychology. The most interesting of this pyramid is to observe the order in which the needs were priorized.

As you may know, no building survives without a foundation, a solid foundation. Imagine the pyramids of Egypt. Do you think that tip up there would be suspended for thousands of years if it were not for your foundation? What did the Egyptians do to make these constructions stand today? Answer: They built solid foundations !!!

With our life, the same thing happens. And that's exactly what Maslow did in his pyramid. Maslow believed that if one of the components of this pyramid was not satisfied with its needs, the rest would not be balanced because there is an ORDER to satisfy those needs.

Basically, the order is:
Foundation (or 1st level): Physiological Needs;
2nd level: Safety requirements;
3rd level: Needs of love / relationships;
4th level: Needs of esteem;
5th level: Personal Realization Needs.

And guess where sex fits ??? On the foundation! It's a physiological need, it's the natural way we come into the world! If you do not have your physiological needs met, do you really think you can think of safety? And in love, relationships? And in self-esteem? Will not! And why is it so difficult for us to talk about it? Because the principles of Sexuality have been distorted!

Let's be honest, when I talk about sexuality and sex, you think about what? At least in a porn movie or a sexual fantasy, correct? But have you ever thought that the way you were generated can be the same way you see in the porn movie? I do not think so ... Obviously sex, like the act itself, is a matter of survival, the perpetuation of the species. But sexuality ... This is a way to meet your inner God. Pretty crazy, huh? But it is not...

You may not believe in God. But the word God is nothing else than YOUR GOODNESS! The sexual energy, which is the same one that can generate lives, is the same energy that makes you wake up every morning and be able to reach out your dreams, goals, to provide you with security and to find your spirituality !! ! For this reason that sexuality is divine yes! It's from God, yes! Or your Goodness, as you prefer. Every time you use this force in the wrong way, you distance yourself from everything you believe, from everything you desire!

So let's start talking the right way about this subject? The world needs more understanding on this issue, and I trust you can help me spread this good news! That we make a taboo really be a BASIC NEED!!!
Mairo Vergara




Many of us do not believe in signs, in intuition. I very much believe that all the adverse situations that happen in our life have a meaning. That our growth processes occur at the moment they need to occur, regardless of external interference, from how much third parties want to interfere in their process.

I am going to tell you a very interesting experience that I witnessed, and that was the mark of my understanding of the self-responsibility of our Personal Empowerment.

I was sitting working, and as I pulled the chair closer to me, I felt something strange in my hand. I jumped in fright as I realized what it was. A caterpillar had chosen the chair I was sitting in to begin its metamorphosis. Unintentionally, I interfered its process and felt terrible. I thought to myself, what do I do now?

I decided to leave it there, quietly, to see what was happening. I spent some time watching, I realized how much it squirmed, and I made an analogy with myself about our life, how painful it can be to change, to evolve.

The same day I went out with a dear friend for dinner, and by the time I got back home, it had already turned into a cocoon. I sent the photo to him and we asked ourselves: what stage do you think your life is in now? He answered me: Cocoon. Why? Because we were still in the process of internal transformation, but a bit more shielded from the external elements.

A few days later my mother sat in the same chair and felt the cocoon in her hand. Unintentionally and frightened, she snatched it from where it was. Soon I thought, there is no more chance for it... Then I gently placed the cocoon in the garage, in an improvised stand on the floor, but could stand upright, so that the butterfly had the force of gravity to help out.

The days passed and I even talked to my mother's helper that perhaps the interference had been so great that it would not have resisted.

Which was not to my surprise when five days later, my mother's helper said: Come here and see something. And the moment I saw the butterfly on the hinge, my heart soared with joy! She had just come out of the cocoon, for she still drained the blood for her wings! I sat for over two hours admiring. I could not keep up with the first flap of wings, but I'm sure she will fulfill her mission!

Now carrying this information to our reality... How many of us have interference in our process of change? How many of us retreat to a simple look of outward disapproval?

Well, this butterfly has shown me that our strength really is within us, and NOBODY can change your destiny, your mission, only YOU can do this.

So my little friend, flies! Fly so high! Explore new airs, make new discoveries, be happy and FULFILL YOUR MISSION !!!
João da Silva

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